Data Recovery Request and Authorization

General Information


System Information

Drive Type




Operating System

File System


Is the drive encrypted?
(additional fee for encrypted drives)
Is the drive a Network Server?

Description of Problem and Remedies Attempted

Description of Information on the Disk

Describe all files to be recovered, sub-directory trees, path of files, and file types.
Please list the exact names of the files, if known.


I request Data Recovery People to inspect my equipment, including opening the drive if necessary, and use its best effort to identify the problem and provide data recovery. Evaluation Fee is due in advance. Actual recovery charges are subject to client's prior written approval. Final payment is due before AR&D returns the recovered data and/or equipment. I agree that AR&D is not liable in any way for any additional loss of data, lost profits or equipment which might occur in transporting equipment or in the effort by AR&D to recover data. Customer acknowledges and accepts all risks. Equipment and parts not claimed by customer within 30 days become the property of AR&D. Customer warrants to AR&D that it has owner right to be in possession of all equipment furnished to AR&D.

Evaluation Fee (single drive):