Who We Are

Data Recovery People began its operations in 1989 as the Crash Data Recovery Division of the Adaptive Research and Design Company, now headquartered in Miami, Florida. Data Recovery People is now a separate entity.

We began by fixing spreadsheet files and rebuilding file allocation tables. Today, with over 20 years of successful data recovery experience, we maintain our own U.S. based cleanroom operations, complete with all the computer hardware, software and other technology resources needed to replicate most computing environments and operating systems platforms.

This gives us the ability to extract and salvage data from almost any computer server, workstation, desktop, or notebook fixed or removable media--including RAID arrays, hard disks, disc drives, tapes and cartridges--in almost any OS, network, software application, database or digital archive format. We recover all digital media and external storage (including NAS, SAN, etc.)

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